Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Running on Fumes

So it's been a while....I actually stopped procrastinating...mostly because there was no other option, everything was due at the same time. Last week I had a preliminary draft of my paper due and a philosophy test, it was a joyous time...There is cause for celebration, today is the LAST DAY of my dreaded philosophy course. Besides one last quiz all I have left do to is take my finals.

So all in all this has been a crazy summer filled with sleepless nights of homework and reading. Everyone said I was crazy for taking four classes and I have to say that they were right! Of course no semester would be complete without one bout of illness that threatens to destroy. That happened Monday and Tuesday. It all started Monday morning with really bad stomach cramps, which continued until Tuesday night. Let's just say, it was not fun. I have been living off of one meal a day for the past three days and I have not really been able to eat anything else besides breakfast or lunch. My appetite was gone!

Anyways, that is neither here nor there. With the impending end of the semester there will no doubt be a break in writing on the good 'ol blog, it will be a dry three weeks. All I will be doing is going to work and relaxing as much as possible! This break will hopefully be less stressful than the break in between spring and summer, when I seriously just thought about not coming back to school. I think everyone questions leaving but if you can make it past you sophomore year then you will more than likely graduate. It is hard to believe that in two semesters I will be finished!!

For now I must prepare for my last philosophy class... I am more excited than I can put into words...for real!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A weekend well wasted...

So it's two weeks until the end of the think that would be motivation enough to get things done, not so much. This past weekend was fourth of July weekend so I had a three day weekend! I was so excited that I must have forgotten to study and/or read anything for the coming week. Now I know what you are are thinking, "why didn't you study?" and my answer would be so obvious...simply because I did not feel like it. Honesty is always the best policy. So now I can honestly say that I regret that decision, I have a ten page paper to start, a philosophy test to study for and a mountain of reading to do. Fail. I did manage to get some reading done at work today, but not nearly enough. I have to get cracking on this history paper. I have no desire to research it and even less desire to work on it but I have a preliminary draft due on Monday so I have to at least write something.

Senioritis is killing me, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, graduation is coming. It really is, I will petition to graduate in just a few months, it is weird but totally awesome. I was hoping to get to a 3.5 GPA before I graduated but I am just not sure that is going to happen, I pretty much need to make straight A's for the next two semesters and mostly A's this summer. I really have to bust my butt in order to reach that goal. I am going to keep trying, so we'll see what happens!

Meanwhile, these next two weeks will be busier than ever because my personal life is just as busy, especially things at church. It is a constant struggle to keep all the balls you are juggling in the air. That's what people never prepare you for in high school. It is constant battle of compartmentalizing your entire life. You can never focus on one thing at a time because there is always the "white noise" of other things going on in your life. I find myself struggling with this right now. I like to think that I can multitask and focus on a lot of things at one time, when in reality I cannot, school runs my life. When I am not at school I am thinking, talking or planning for school. That is one thing that I will not miss.

I am trying to figure out what I am going to do when I graduate in just a few months. It seems so far away but I know that it is looming in the background. It is a BIG, FAT, DREADFUL question mark hovering in the background, constantly begging the question, "What are you going to do next?" I do not have an answer, and that's the scariest thing about being a senior. You think it would be something that motivates you at all times, but mostly it just scares the hell out of you. For now I guess I will go back to my unread philosophy essays. Boo.