Monday, August 30, 2010

BEST day on campus EVER

So, if I ever complain that school is boring, please remind me of this post. So this weekend I did not get as much homework done as I needed to and I was dreading going to class today. My STUPID alarm is about to die, I have been so exhausted lately and my alarm is just not cutting it anymore. So I set it to go off at 5:45am to get a shower and get ready for class at 8am, and when it went off I quickly decided that that was WAY to early to wake up. I reset my alarm for 6:30am and I would just take a really quick shower. Well, somehow my alarm just got all jacked up. I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock and it said that the time was 7:31am and I freaked. I looked at my cell phone and thankfully it said 6:50, so I rushed to the shower and got ready. After running to the bank I barely made it to my American Revolution class. I was DREADING this class because it was discussion day and I hadn't done the reading AND I remembered that I had a map quiz at 11am. Super fun!!!

I made it through my first two classes and started my 3rd class at 11am. We got started and did our quiz, naturally I made a 100, mainly because I am awesome and I am better at memorizing things. So 30 minutes into our class some student comes pounding on the door and said "did you know you have to evacuate the building?" and naturally we had no idea, so in a split second our professor went into protective mode and told us to grab our stuff and get out now! We all scrambled out and NO ONE would tell us what was going on. After about 30 minutes of standing outside they told us that the building would not be opened up again for a couple of hours. We finally found out that some old Civil War Era ammunition had been gifted to the Social Science building and someone had (magically it seems) discovered that the ammunition was still live. Needless to say most people just left, like myself.

So yeah, if I ever say that being on campus is boring just remind me of this day. It was just so funny, everyone thought that it was just a drill because no one was telling us anything. We figured if it was a gunmen then they wouldn't be sending us out into the open...hopefully not. I kept saying that if it was legit then helicopters would be flying around....well 20 minutes after being outside the helicopters finally showed up! As exciting as it was, hopefully this will not be that regular occurrence!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

So I was in class today, minding my own business and actually paying attention to the lecture when all of a sudden the wheels in my brains started turning. Now I have been talking a lot about having senioritis and wanting to be done with school, and mind you that is true, but I have also come to love learning. It is kind of addicting to me, I just love learning new things and really applying myself. I never thought I would say this but I LOVE studying history! Typically I am never excited at 8am in the morning but every Monday and Wednesday I look forward to my American Revolution class, and trust me, it is not because there are any hott guys in is because I love to learn.

Now don't be fooled. I freaking have senioritis...I am ready to take the next step in my academic career. I had my plans all set, at least somewhat set at best, and I had finally picked out a school...which took the longest time to decide, but once I did I wasn't going to back down. I toil over my decisions, but once I set my course I ruthlessly follow it. That has been the case with history. I have pushed myself harder during the last year than I have at any other time in my life. I have managed to pull my GPA up from a 3.19 to a 3.4 in just three semester, and that my friend is hard freaking work. I demand a lot of myself and truth be told I do get burned out, easily, but deep down I enjoy the work and at the end of the day I know that I have earned every single grade that I have been given.

Now back to my class, it was my geography class. I have always had a passion for traveling and a desire to go everywhere humanly possible, and I mean everywhere...even one of those cruises to the Antarctica. So when we had a guest lecturer come to talk about the southern portion of South America I wondered why the heck I never considered Geography for a major...everything else seemed to cross my mind, but not that. I know you can see where this is going...I am considering extended for a year and earning my B.A. in Geography. It would only add around 11 classes, which I could take over the course of 3 semesters, Summer 2011, Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. It would only delay graduation for one year, which really isn't that bad...I talked to my adviser and he said that it was really up to me and that if it was not required for grad school then it is something that he would not consider. It is not really required for the program that I want to do but I think it would make me more knowledgeable going into grad school which would make me a more well rounded student. He did say though that if I would never have to opportunity to do it again then it would be worth it. Once I am done with undergrad, I am done and there is no going back. I think this would also be a good way to help my chances at finding a job when I graduate...which is never a bad thing.

See, these are the things that you have to think about as a senior...the things that you cannot put off. This is the rest of your life that you are thinking about...whatever you can do to help yourself advance is in your own best interest to do. It's a lot to think about and this stuff is everything that a person with senioritis does NOT want to think about...which makes me wonder, why am I thinking about it at all...

On that note, I think I will end this post...I am way too tired to think right now!

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm baaaaaaack

So week one of classes are officially over and all I can think is....when is gradation? For real is going to be a tough semester, I knew that with 5 classes it was bound to happen. The only thing that keeps me going most of the time is the fact that I will be done in two semesters. Most of my classes are awesome, like my American Revolution class and Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean. I sound so nerdy but the classes are pretty cool. My Historiographical Debates class is going to be tough, we are talking about how people have written history and how they are still writing it. We have started off with Herodotus and Thucydides, always fun!!

The long list of things that I have to do is just daunting. I have 3 papers to write, 3 outside class assignments for my geography class and midterms, finals, exams, exams, exams. This semester is everything a senior year should be, freaking busy. The summer wasn't too bad, I made 3 A's and a B which boosted my GPA to 3.4 which is so close to my goal of 3.5, Cum Laude. For real, I want to graduate Cum Laude so freaking bad, for reasons that I am not even really sure of myself. I have no idea why I am pushing myself this hard. I hope that it is worth it, sometimes I do not think it is. I think mostly we stay is school because they keep telling us to stay in school and wait for the economy to get stronger but I am genuinely pessimistic when it comes to the economy here in the US.

You know what else makes me pessimistic? Freshmen. Seriously, Freshmen. I have this precious freshman who sits next to me in my Philosophy class, who has no idea what is going on. She is a nice enough girl and is optimistic about her college career but she has no idea what is going on and what college is actually about. The only redeeming quality about freshmen is when they get lost and are trying to figure their way around the campus. I will always maintain who funny it is to see freshmen get so lost that they look all confused. Seriously, so funny!!

Well speaking of school I should get to work on some reading. I finally have Internet at my apartment so I will be able to update more!!