Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm baaaaaaack

So week one of classes are officially over and all I can think is....when is gradation? For real is going to be a tough semester, I knew that with 5 classes it was bound to happen. The only thing that keeps me going most of the time is the fact that I will be done in two semesters. Most of my classes are awesome, like my American Revolution class and Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean. I sound so nerdy but the classes are pretty cool. My Historiographical Debates class is going to be tough, we are talking about how people have written history and how they are still writing it. We have started off with Herodotus and Thucydides, always fun!!

The long list of things that I have to do is just daunting. I have 3 papers to write, 3 outside class assignments for my geography class and midterms, finals, exams, exams, exams. This semester is everything a senior year should be, freaking busy. The summer wasn't too bad, I made 3 A's and a B which boosted my GPA to 3.4 which is so close to my goal of 3.5, Cum Laude. For real, I want to graduate Cum Laude so freaking bad, for reasons that I am not even really sure of myself. I have no idea why I am pushing myself this hard. I hope that it is worth it, sometimes I do not think it is. I think mostly we stay is school because they keep telling us to stay in school and wait for the economy to get stronger but I am genuinely pessimistic when it comes to the economy here in the US.

You know what else makes me pessimistic? Freshmen. Seriously, Freshmen. I have this precious freshman who sits next to me in my Philosophy class, who has no idea what is going on. She is a nice enough girl and is optimistic about her college career but she has no idea what is going on and what college is actually about. The only redeeming quality about freshmen is when they get lost and are trying to figure their way around the campus. I will always maintain who funny it is to see freshmen get so lost that they look all confused. Seriously, so funny!!

Well speaking of school I should get to work on some reading. I finally have Internet at my apartment so I will be able to update more!!

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  1. I hear ya! It's not even my senior year, but just my Life-span Development class is going to kick my butt. It's a hybrid class so I guess that means bog us down with 10 projects. Some of them are just writings, but still it blows. Anywho, I look forward to reading up on your blog!!