Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burning the Candle at Both Ends...

All I have to say is...thank goodness for Labor Day!!! It was the break that I desperately needed...for reals. I spent all day Sunday reading a book that had nothing to do with history or any of my was BEYOND nice. I went to see my family and it was so worth it. I wish they lived somewhere a bit more exciting that Mississippi, like Fiji, or something like that...but alas, getting out of the state for a while was a huge help.

So as I was reading one of the assigned readings for one of my history classes and it was quite interesting. It is Chinese Historiography (for those who may not know, historiography means...the examination and critical writing of history) and we read about Empress Dowager...she was straight up crazy, and had a lot of people killed because she was power hungry...and trust me, that is putting it mildly. As I was reading it, I was highly entertained by some of the things she had done..and other things she done were more horrifying, like killing a bunch of people. At least it was more interesting than some of the things that I have read. I know reading is a major part of my field of study but somethings are just plain old boring. When I am a professor, writing fantastic books and making tons of money off book royalties, I will at least make it more interesting. Most people think that it is easy to write about history but I am here to tell you that I am not.

So to make this blog a bit more stimulating I am going to find something about college to talk, or complain about. Today, it just happens to be parking. Why to people lose all their common sense when coming into, or leaving a parking deck. It boggles the mind people, boggles the mind. Today this poor woman was trying to back out of her parking spot and someone was insistent on getting that spot but she pulled up in such a way that the woman backing out could not, or was too scared to pull out. It was seriously a 5 minute stand off and finally the woman trying to take the spot had to give up. The deck that I park in is just waaaaay to small for the amount of students trying to park there everyday. So be warned, always show up early because you cannot count on pulling into a spot easily. It is kind of like being in a safari, the spots are the prey and we are the predators...and people will play dirty...

That is my complaint today...I am looking forward to being done with school and the crazy parking situation.

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  1. Let me guess...deck by Social Science building? I learned that the best time to get there is when classes are letting out, because if you get there at say 5:15, you will be driving around for the better part of an hour looking for people to leave that clearly aren't there to leave.

    It all makes me want to commit lewd and lascivious acts of violence.