Monday, June 7, 2010

Archives, Emerson and Reason #1 for senioritis

Last week we learned all about the archives...apparently they are like onions and have multiple layers, who knew? Not me, that is for sure. Immediately I thought of Shrek and subsequently stopped paying attention to the archivist at the library. I have to write this ten page paper and all of my sources have to come from the archives...that should be enjoyable. My teacher hasn't exactly been forthcoming when he talks about this paper and generally I am confused about what I am supposed to do...which is no bueno considering that I have to have all my sources by the end of the month.

It's as if every teacher is convinced that whatever class they are teaching is the only class you are taking. What the heck is up with that? The way my teacher said "it's only ten pages" made me want to deck him...ten pages is and always will be a big deal. I think, despite his lack of guidance, I have settled on talking about colonial Georgia, mainly because it is a short history, since it was the last colony and was kind of thrown together last minute.

In my American Philosophy class we have been discussing Ralph Waldo Emerson. Boo. Boo. Boo. Emerson was a tool. I could go on but I would rather not. Everything that man said makes no sense. It is so hard to pay attention in this class and the attention span of a senior is short enough already, add Emerson and you're seriously in trouble. Let's just say that I will be glad when we are done with this section. This class is going to seriously damage my GPA.

I have figured out the number ONE reason for senioritis. The financial aid department. I am completely serious. When I talk to them I lose complete faith in the institution of higher education. Seriously. They are the least helpful department known to man. Kids, remember this, please. I have had trouble with my student loans, mainly I am SO close to graduating and my loans are approaching the maximum undergraduate level, simply meaning, I need to graduate. They are in no rush to help me out, which is a really jerky thing to do.

It should be a great summer.

I have to put a disclaimer on this blog that I forgot to put before:
1. I am not a party animal, do not look for stories of raging parties that normal college seniors might attend.
2. I will never disclose names.
3. I love God and Jesus Christ, it might come up so get over it
4. I will probably not talk about my personal life too much, so this will not be a soap opera.
5. I am a senior, therefore I am jaded to college life.

That being's going to be a great year.

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