Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Midterms, Scanning and Philosophy...

It has been midterm week. So basically, it has been hell on earth. I had a midterm yesterday and one again today...just a couple of hours ago actually. My brain literally hurt when I was finished. Midterms suck. There is no other way to describe them, but it does mean that the semester is half way over. My midterms started last week and thankfully they are over now but there is so much to do in the last half of the semester. One test, four finals, ten page paper, three quizzes and two more summaries. If that is not a to do list, I do not know what is. College can be so frustrating and really difficult. Graduating should be a much bigger deal than what people make it out to be. Just getting through your senior year alone should earn you some kind of award. Straight Up! Sometimes motivation is impossible to find.

On the other hand, as if my life is not crazy enough as it is, work has to been insane right now. One of the professors is going on a study abroad trip to Italy. It is an A-mazing trip, hello 5 weeks in Tuscany can NEVER, EVER be terrible. So two days before he leaves (yesterday) he decides to drop off NINE books that need to be scanned to him. The ENTIRE book. Okay look, I know what you are thinking, it is not that hard but when you stare at that green bar for two hours you become some kind of zombie. For all that scanning, I should be able to go to Italy!

Meanwhile, in the land of sucks, that's what. UGH. FOUR more LONG weeks!!! I will never like this class, it is so painful!! I refuse to be alone in this struggle so I feel the need to bring it up with every blog. Thankfully we have Monday the 5th off, gotta love federal holidays!!! I will probably throw some kind of party when this is over. We finally finished James and now we are on to Pierce, which is coincidentally is pronounced like purse, and if Emerson and James were not bad enough...this crap is totally wack....I pretty much hate every second of this class. No offense to the teacher, but this class is just dumb.

This is my advice to all you soon to be some of your general ed courses for your senior year that way you do not have to take stupid classes like this!!

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