Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Procastination is....

...awful. It is a seniors best friend. It keeps you company as you avoid doing anything the resembles homework or writing papers. I had a midterm that counts for a serious portion of my grade and of course I leave it until the last minute. Why is it that every year, the college new year (August 1st) at least, I promise to not procrastinate. Please. Like that is EVER going to happen. A senior must accept this inevitable way of life. Facebook doesn't help either.

I wish I knew what it was like not to procrastinate...but I will probably never get there...because of procrastination. Don't let the irony be lost on you. Please.

I am in full on midterm mode this weekend though because I have two more next week and I have to begin writing my paper...blah, blah, blah. I am so burnt out. That is the God's honest truth. Most days it is difficult to will myself out of bed for class. Like yesterday, I was supposed to meet my "reading group" before my 8am class...we were meeting at 7:30AM. I took the time to wake up...late, but that is neither here nor there, and two other people show up and we don't talk about the reading. Then it didn't really matter because we did not even discuss our chapter. I almost turned into Jeremy from Top Gear and yelled at everyone. So close.

I skipped half of my 2pm class in order to write my midterm...should have skipped the rest of it because we talked about bibliographies and how to annotate them. boring, boring, boring. The only redeeming thing in the class was the incredibly hot but young looking guy that sat next to me. For real. Hottness. He usually sits across from me in class, he is the kind of hot that you have to be careful not to look at for long periods of time in case he feels you staring at him. He seems really young though, but nice to look at.

I wish the rest of my classes had hott guys in them, it would make the class all the more interesting. Unlike my American Philosophy class which is extremely boring. seriously, we are talking about pragmatists and epistemology....zzzzzz......zzzz....z.z.z.z ugh, this class is painful. I would take a C just to be done with it. This semester is definitely not going to do anything for my GPA. In the mean time I will go back to facebook...

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