Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Me and Senioritis

So...I am in my senior year at college and you always hear about "senioritis" but what is it really??? I am going to spend my last three semesters at college chronicling my senioritis...because I definitely have it.

I guess I should start off by describing my academic history. I am in my last year of studies majoring in American History which may sound boring..but it's not, trust me. I have been attending the same university is suburban Atlanta for the past three years and have now entered the dreaded senior year. I have exactly three semesters of undergrad left before I have to enter the "real world" so I thought I would spend my time wisely...by writing a blog about my senior year.

So this summer I was ambitious when I registered for 4 classes, all of which are upper division classes. They only last 8 weeks. I figured I could do anything for 8 weeks....I have two morning classes on Tuesday/Thursday and two even classes on Monday/Wednesday with each class lasting about 3 hours...6 hours of class a day, what's not to love???

I have always maintained one cardinal rule with college. I hold this rule in the highest regard and it is something that I swore to never, ever, under any circumstances disobey...yet, in this my senior year I will break it not once, but twice. The 8am class. It is never okay to start class at 8am. EVER. Maybe this is the start of senioritis? You are so desperate to get the year over with that you break the rules...you are at the mercy of the department and when they offer classes, and that is a no win situation for a senior. There is one class that you really want to take but there is only one section offered, every other leap year on odd year semesters, and for once the college gods have taken pity on your soul...the class is being offered....at 8am. The college gods mock you.

Thus begins the journey to graduation day, for one of the most expensive pieces of paper you will ever buy! Let the fun begin!!!

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